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Attention Cimmarron Homeowners and Residents,


We hope you have had a Fantastic 2023 and we are looking forward to a Great 2024.


A few reminders to help us all get started off on the right foot.


1. Common Areas (the park): are not for the use of any motorized vehicles.  No Side by Sides, motorcycles, ebikes, or anything of similar types and styles.  Please do not use or drive any kind of vehicle down into the park areas.


2.  Streets:  The streets are narrow and busy.  Please drive cautiously and please be respectful of your neighbors if you choose to park in the street.  Vehicles should Not be up on the sidewalks.  The Sidewalks are to be walked on and per city code they must be passable.  Vehicles are also not to be parked in the gravel or landscaping of your yards.


3.  Landscaping: We have already had a few Winter Rains and there are more heading our way.  It is time to start cleaning up the weeds and getting those trees and bushes trimmed back.  The rains will  cause them to grow quicker and we need to make sure we are keeping our yards looking the best they can.



Thank you all for being great neighbors and for looking out for one another.  Please have a fantastic rest of your week and month and year.


Reach out to if you have any questions.


Chris Knudsen

Heywood Management